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Fort Morgan Lions Club

In our Management and Production class, students have the opportunity to finally work for a client on an actual project. They have six weeks in which to create a project that includes all of the forms of media the students have been trained on. Along the way they practice their skills of meeting and working with a client to assess their wants and needs in order to make it happen. The project ends with the students making a presentation to the client, and other design professionals from MCC for feedback.


Cutter Cooper, Jesus Marrufo, Rebecca Brasby

Class & Year:

Management & Production, Spring 2011




Dreamweaver CS5, Flash CS5

The Fort Morgan Lions Club did not have a website and they wanted one to be able to communicate with their members and the rest of the community. They needed a site that could handle all of their content but be easy to update as they would do the maintenance themselves after the fact. The team took the challenge on and created a website that is easy to use and targeted to the intended audience. In addition, they created a poster for various meetings and presentations, as well as a very good promotional video.