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Ackley Building Center

Ackley Building Center

In our Management and Production class, students have the opportunity to finally work for a client on an actual project. They have six weeks in which to create a project that includes all of the forms of media the students have been trained on. Along the way they practice their skills of meeting and working with a client to assess their wants and needs in order to make it happen. The project ends with the students making a presentation to the client, and other design professionals from MCC for feedback.


Kenedi Guzman, Hilary Wheeler, Brian Myers

Class & Year:

Management & Production, Spring 2012




Dreamweaver CS5, Flash CS5

Ackley Building Center asked us to create a website for their customers that would help them understand the products and services that they offer. The students also created a short video on the history of Ackley’s, brochures for the graphic design portion, and an animated header for the website that grabs the customer’s attention.