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Jessica Buckley
Jessica BuckleyPhotographer and student at the School of Visual Arts in NYC

“My name is Jessica Buckley, and I am a former student of the Morgan Community College multimedia program with instructor Jessica Edington. Being a part of this program for two years, I can wholeheartedly say it was the most beneficial and intriguing class I took all throughout high school. I attended Brush High School and took three years of multimedia classes there also and can say that these high school classes taught me close to nothing in comparison to the MCC course.

At MCC I was provided with the most up to date technology and was surrounded by many creative individuals who inspired and pushed me to do my best. There is nothing more beneficial to a student then being surrounded by others who share your passion to learn about a certain subject, which is something you rarely find in a high school classroom.

Being a part of this program not only taught me the basics of design, but also taught me about my future career options in multimedia and how to run my own business. In the second year of the program you get to be a part of an internship with a real client, which gave me a real life, hands-on experience that I could have never learned sitting in a classroom.

After graduating from Brush High School in 2011, I now attend the School of Visual Arts in New York City and run my own small photography business. The MCC multimedia program gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed. “

Josh Jinkens
Josh JinkensGraphic Design student at West Texas A&M University

“Change is apparent in our current generation as is in every generation. Professions are changing, media is changing, and the world is changing. In this world, which is now dominated by interactive media, a large emerging body has come forward to take control. This body largely consists of today’s youth, many still in high school. The importance of providing the best outlet and educational experience for these students is critical…

…My personal experience at the multimedia program at MCC was one of enjoyment. I learned not only about today’s multimedia, but was also able to gain experience in the field by having hands on experience everyday in the class. Using the latest technology available to solve real world problems in a collegiate atmosphere was an experience that I’m positive can’t be duplicated in a high school classroom. MCC’s program also prepped me for entering University. The experience gained from MCC was invaluable upon entering a graphic design program. Having prior experience made the transition smoother, classes easier to understand, and projects easier to complete.”

Kenedi Guzman
Kenedi GuzmanGraphic and Web Design student at the University of Northern Colorado

“Out of all of the choices that I have come across during my high school career, choosing to enter the Multimedia Program at MCC was one of the best choices that I have ever made. After completing this program and being accepted into the University of Northern Colorado art program, I would not ever think of taking a different route to college. The Multimedia Program not only taught me what to expect in a college level design class, but how the business of design works in real world situations. I came out of this program with so much more knowledge about design than I had when I went in, and I can truly say that I am thankful for it. Without the knowledge I gained in this program, I would not have had the confidence that I do now going into a university program. “

Brooke Hosier
Brooke HosierGraphic Designer and Owner of BrookeLinn Grafix

“The Multimedia Program at Morgan Community College is an awesome program! I enrolled in the program with several years experience in graphic design. But I never had formal training, so when I was able to take classes, I jumped on it. I was excited to learn new programs, creative thinking, and above all, confidence in my work.

Turns out, people actually like what I do. And I’m proud to say, I now own and operate BrookeLinn Grafix in downtown Fort Morgan. I always knew where I wanted to be in life, and the Multimedia Program pushed me to achieve my goals.

I also have to thank Ms. Edington, being a teacher is hard to begin with, but to always be updated on the new and now says a lot about her as a teacher. She is always current on the latest technology and constant updating of programs. She is very talented and knowledgeable, if you have her as a teacher, you’re already ahead of the game. “

Rebecca Brasby
Rebecca BrasbySmall Business Owner of Winding Arrow Productions

“My love for media started when I was 10-years-old. In order to follow my passion, I enrolled in the Multimedia program when I was 16-years-old. My first class was Web Design I, and a few months later, I was hired by a published author to design her a web site. My class not only gave me the skills I needed to design and code the website, but also the confidence. This was the start of my freelance multimedia business, and I was still in high school.

My Morgan Community College Multimedia classes have sharpened my skills and allowed me to grow my business. I have done media work overseas, for nonprofits, for the College, and for members of the Fort Morgan community. I have designed websites, published book covers, and made promotional videos.

Jessica Edington is an amazing teacher. She is very patient with the students and meets them where their skills are. Even when I came across a familiar subject, Jessica would push and challenge me.

By taking classes while in high school, this gave me an advantage in my schooling. I was able to double-major after I graduated high school. Four years after graduating, I will have both my AAS Multimedia degree and BA Elementary Degree.

I am only 21-years-old, but I’ve own a multimedia freelance business for five years and have an AAS and half of my BA. This would only be possible through the multimedia program at MCC. Without the program, I would not have been able to start my Multimedia business or followed my love for media. I was able to take these classes while in high school, which was an amazing opportunity. Without the Multimedia program, I would have had to transfer to a costly four-year school and move away from my home town. This program has allowed me to follow my interests and my dreams while staying connected in the community.”

Kathy Brasby
Kathy BrasbyAuthor, mother of 2 Multimedia students, and a former student in Web Design I

“I am the mother of two students who took numerous Multimedia classes at MCC with Jessica Edington while they were in high school and I want to comment on the benefit those classes were to them.

My daughter completed her multimedia certificate while in high school, taking college-level classes which enabled her to start her own business doing graphic design, website design, and video work for clients. The MCC classes offered her the depth of training that she needed to be able to begin working for others. She completed her Associates degree in multimedia within a year after high school graduation and would not have been able to do so without taking multimedia classes while in high school.

My son has taken almost the entire gamut of multimedia classes while in high school. He is a junior this year and is closing in on his certificate in multimedia as well. Because of the excellence of training he’s received through MCC multimedia classes, he’s an integral part of a local video production crew. He’s studied video production, After Effects (which has helped him become an excellent special effects artist in video productions) and in-depth graphic design and web design.

I believe that MCC’s multimedia program with Jessica’s outstanding teaching ability offers an incredible opportunity to high school students to get quality training early and a head start toward a career in multimedia. “